BECDC Hydroponics - Update III



We would like to give you a small update of our project. In the past few weeks we have been busy finishing our project. The main focus here was on transferring all the tasks that we have performed ourselves until now. We took the local people on board as much as possible and explained to them how and why they should perform all the tasks.

 We have succeeded in realizing a final product. This is SOTE, a salty spice mix in which we can use the dried herbs from the hydroponics system. The people of the development center now know how to make these and will continue to do so even now, after our departure. We have made an agreement with Shannon, the CEO of the company 'pure good food', that she will buy all these SOTE jars from BECDC every month so that she can continue to sell them.

In addition, we ensured that a 4th hydroponics system was installed in the last week. We have also connected 5 growth beds to this. Just before we left, we planted new herbs with the children in these growing beds.

We have now left South Africa again, but we will keep in close contact with BECDC, especially in the first few weeks. They will continue to harvest and dry the herbs and produce SOTE themselves. Here they give us an update about every week. We are very satisfied with the end result, and we will do everything we can to ensure that it will continue to run smoothly after we leave.

Thanks again for all your donations, without you none of this would have been possible!

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