BECDC Hydroponics - Update II


We have made the necessary investments in recent weeks to get the production process going. For example, we bought drying ovens to harvest the fast-growing herbs and then to dry and store them. These dried herbs have a long shelf life and can be used for the final product. In addition to these drying ovens, we also bought packaging and other products that are necessary to ultimately realize our product.

We have also made great strides in the area of ​​the business plan. We have decided to work together with Pure Good Food for the coming year. This collaboration means that the BECDC will grow the herbs, dry them and make the herb jar with the rest of the ingredients. We will then sell this to Pure Good Food and they will design a label and sell it on the market. We have deliberately chosen this to ensure that these two crucial steps are guaranteed in the good and experienced hands of Pure Good Food.

Since the plants have grown very fast in the hydroponics system, we are now busy harvesting and drying these plants. We use this to build up a stock, and if it is large enough, we can start producing the end product in collaboration with Pure Good Food.

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