BECDC Hydroponics - Update I

With the help of S4S we managed to install an extra hydroponics system. As a result, we now have 5 extra growing beds at our disposal and considerably more plants can be planted. This will help us enormously in achieving the ultimate goal: the constant production of a spice mix. According to our revenue projection, a larger monthly circulation is needed to be able to make a constant profit. The extra hydroponics system comes in handy here.

In addition, we have been working on optimizing the growth process. The crops are performing very well. They grow quickly and look healthy. There was a problem with insects on the crops. We solved this by catching these insects with beer traps. This means that no chemical agents are used and is therefore sustainable and better for the environment.

We are now going to focus on the production process of our end product. This means that we will start the production process. We want to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and then look at how this process can be implemented at the center. In addition, we will raise money through a separate crowdfunding so that we can make the necessary investments to get the production process started and to increase the capacity even further.

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