Barsha Pump update 2

Moni onse (hello all of you)!
This week is installation week! Of course I have been part of many Barsha pump installations during my time in Malawi, but this week is even more special since the three installations are taking place on locations that have been scouted by me. As mentioned before, currently the Barsha pump is implemented on the farms of relatively rich individuals, or in a few communities that can afford it. Together with S4S, my family and friends we have taken initiative to help 3 smallholder farmer communities that don’t have the means to afford this kind of technology acquire a Barsha pump. The implementation can showcase the functionality, potential and usefulness of the pump in a poor smallholder farmer context and will help convince development organizations and the Malawian government to implement the Barsha pump in development projects elsewhere. The pumps, pipes, water reservoirs, sprinklers, water rights, seeds and fertilizer have been partially payed for by the communities themselves and will be paid off over time, another part is sponsored. This creates a real sense of ownership and commitment in the scouted communities.
The first location is the Salvation Irrigation scheme, a group of 41 members, located next to the Domasi river. The community has a large area that has the potential to be irrigated, but has so far only realized to irrigate a small section close to the river using watering cans. Together with a water storage tank, a starter pack consisting of fertilizers and seeds and the Barsha pump the community now has the ability to vastly expand their irrigated land.
The second location the Ibu Irrigation scheme, a group of 91 members, located next to the Lisanjali river. They have been trying to irrigate their farm with an expensive hired petrol pump and broken pipes. To irrigate the potential area has been impossible, but with their new Barsha pump they are able to irrigate a lot further from the river.
During the first two meeting the communities were very hands and were eager to learn about the installation and workings of the Barsha pump.
The third location is Nankokwe Farmers Club, consisting of 35 farmers close to the village of Dedza. Their Barsha pump will be installed in coming Saturday.
Tionana (See you later)!


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