Bambu Natural | Good results!

¡Hola a todos!

A final update from Nicaragua. In the past 2 weeks we have achieved some nice results!

In Rama we first completed our test installation. The test installation now hangs at the house of our supervisor Henky, so that he can answer questions from people and explain what the installation is for. This way we can generate a little more publicity for building with bamboo.

After Rama we flew to Waspan where we made another eight-hour boat trip to Esperanza. We wanted to go back to Esperanza to end the project positively and to give the bamboo workshop team some support to finish the workshop.

In Esperanza, a meeting was organized for everyone who was interested in the course of the project. When we made it clear that we did not accept the theft of the generator and we were really going to leave, the community was shocked. The group proposed to buy a new generator for the project with the entire community. We consider this a positive step and promised that if the generator would actually be bought, Bambú Social would continue the project.

After these developments, we were able to leave Esperanza with a positive feeling and returned to Waspan. We took Marcelo, the leader of the bamboo workshop team, to Waspan so that he could talk to potential customers for the purchase of furniture.

In Waspan we talked again with the mayor Rose Cunningham. Rose had previously ordered 3 tables at the bamboo workshop but now increased her order to 22 tables. This is of course a big motivator for the workshop team!

On the 30st of January we're flying back to the Netherlands. We are glad that after everything that happened during the project, we could still finish it in such a positive way. We have faith that, in the nearby future, the bamboo workshop will be finished and there will be enough assignments to keep the business running. We also believe that our test installation will be of great value to making building with bamboo more accessible. 

The project might not went the way we expected it to, but still we think the results are very interesting and we learned so much from it. We want to thank all sponsors, who helped making this possible!

¡Gracias por todo!

Team Bambú Natural

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