Bali Pantai | Our first field trips

Last week we selected potential rivers for our plastic measurements and this week we have been travelling all over the island for inspection. The selection is being made based on population density, tourism, traffic and size of the river. It has been a very interesting week in which we have seen a large variety of surroundings.

Right now, it is still dry season in Indonesia and the water depth of the rivers are low, but when rainy season begins (end of October) most likely all the waste at the river banks will be transported into the ocean. On top of this, dumping garbage into the river seems to be a large problem up here.

Also, we have visited Suwung, the garbage dump site of Bali (see cover photo). This site is located near the capital, Denpasar. To get there you first must pass a hold-up of garbage trucks that are waiting to unload their truck full of trash. The landfill site is being used for waste management purposes, yet it looks more like a mountain of rubbish! Soon we will meet up with representatives to map the current situation in Bali and share thoughts about this matter. But first we are getting ready for our first measurement in the river which will take place tomorrow. Next time we will tell you guys more about our measurement experiences.


Pantai Project,

Erik, Joris, Reinoud, Thomas & Bas

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