Aquaponics update I

One of the first things we want to do in Cape Town is help with installing the last four grow beds. Currently, six out of ten grow beds are installed. After this, we are going to look at possible products we can make from the crops produced.

While working at the centre in Cape Town we found out that there are a lot of stakeholders involved in the project. The mean interest of the head of the BECDC in this project is to reach as much social profit as possible for the children. Our supervisor from the CPUT university knows a lot about the technology behind the system. His main interest is to expand this technology and make it work optimally. The last stakeholder we have analysed is foundation ‘Beleaf’, which has been set up by the group of last year. Their main interest is to make the use of the system optimal so that they can expand the system and help more children centres throughout Africa.

Before we could actually start working on our plans, we needed to acquire some knowledge on the exact status of the project when we arrived. We spoke with everybody involved and read an update, written by one of the students of the university on how the system was doing financially. We concluded that both the spacing between the plants and the crop-choices needed some attention, so we decided to conduct some literary research on both. We also found out that a break-even point had not been reached yet, so we decided that our objective ‘increasing the income for the centre’ needed the most attention.


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