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Clean sanitairy acommodations are one of the basic needs of people. Unfortunatly a lot of the poor in the rural areas of Cambodia don't have acces to such accomodations.

Resulting in people having to answer nature call in the open wich leads to al kinds of problems and diseases.

NGO, Bop and HUB are active in providing cheap sanitary sollutions thru Sanishops spread out thruout azia.  More than 50 Sanishop produce and sell ther product to local entrepeneurs. Unfortunaly toilets are stil to expensive for a lot of people in the more rural areas. Team Anctipate is doing research for a cheap but effective sullution. The team is split up in to two groeps one wil first go to Cambodia to do research to what people actualy want. The second groep wil after further research actualy develop and place a prototype in Cambodia.

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