Sustainable Drainage System

Location: Paramaribo, Suriname |

Past year, I visited the East of Suriname together with 5 fellow students for a multidisciplinary project in the field of water management. This year I will return to Suriname for my MSc graduation project in collboration with TU Delft, Deltares, Anton de Kom University of Suriname and the Ministries of Public Work and Public Spacing.

Currently, rain showers cause pluvial floodings in the Wakapasi region of Paramaribo leading to damage and affecting the livability of the city. The current drainage system cannot discharge all stormwater and therefore we have to look to new sustainable solutions. In the Netherlands we are moving towards Nature Based Solutions such as bioswales, but would this work in Suriname too? That is what I hope to find out during my research! I will organize think-thanks with local students and entrepreneurs to incorporate their ideas in a nature-inclusive and floodproof redesign of the Wakapasi region. Additionally, we will assess the efficiency of bioswales in a full-scale proof in which we construct and monitor two bioswales. I am very glad that S4S is able to fund these activities, providing me way more possibilities during my field trip.

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