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  • Plastic Upcycling

    Plastic Upcycling update 4

    Nov 27, 2016

    The work in Colombia is almost finished. During the last weeks I worked on ideation, designing, prototyping and user tests. During the ideation phase students of Tecnoacademia collaborated in a co-creation session, these students follow an additional program next to the regular education and therefore they work with 3D printers among others. After creating several concepts, one concept was chosen to continue with. This is a product service system in which the product is an educational game and the service is an online platform. This game is called “Juega la Abeja” (“Play the Bee”). The meaning of “Abeja” in Colombian is, next to the insect, a clever and sly person. 

  • Plastic Upcycling

    Update 3

    Sep 20, 2016

    After almost three months research, of which the last five weeks in Colombia, the analysis phase is coming to an end. In Colombia the research was mainly focused on schools and 3D printing companies. I was able to visit two public schools and two private schools to conduct the research with school children and teachers.

  • Plastic Upcycling

    S4S update #2

    Aug 18, 2016

    Since the end of July I am in Colombia for my graduation project (MSc. Integrated Product Design) in collaboration with the Dutch start-up Urban Mining. After two months of literature study and preparation the real work could start in Colombia. 

Plastic Upcycling

The Project “Plastic Upcycling in Colombia” is a Masterthesis of Tessa Vaendel for the Master Integrated Product Design. In collaboration with the start-up Urban Mining she is going to design a product that can be made out of plastic wast. This project takes place in Cundinamarca, a rual area in Colombia.