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We are Johan, Anne and Jasper and are currently doing the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development. We are settled in Jinja, Uganda and working by the NGO CooP-Africa. In our project a pilot of a vending e-tricycle will be developed and modified so it can sell products or services on the street of Jinja. 

The goal is to have a e-tricycle riding around the streets that sells product or services. The big advantage of using a e-tricycle to vend products over regular street vendor that have small shops on the street or vendors who walk around, is that bigger distances can be covered by bike, making the range of the vended products or services bigger. Because the e-tricycle is electrically driven, the physical pressure is not that big. This makes it possible to transport products over a big area that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. In comparison to vehicles that drive on gas, the e-tricycle is much more ecological. 

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