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Location: Kumasi, Ghana |

Hi, my name is Anna. As part of my graduation project for Kwadaso Agricultural College (KAC) in Ghana, I am working on designing a packaging solution for small commercial farmers in Ghana. For the project, I will stay in Kumasi, Ghana for 5 weeks to conduct research and collaborate with local farmers, marketers, consumers, and KAC staff in and around Kumasi to design a financially viable solution that fits the local context and can be produced locally.

My project is part of the Archipelago project, which aims to boost the horticultural sector in Ghana. Within the program, Holland Greentech provides practical training and resources such as irrigation and seeds, while TU Delft offers business and entrepreneurship education with support from the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship. The project has successfully transformed the KAC curriculum. However, a significant challenge remains: post-harvest losses of vegetables in Ghana can reach up to 50%, depending on the crop. Reducing post-harvest losses is crucial for the financial security of farmers. Few Ghanaian farmers properly package their vegetables, and combined with the climate, transportation, and lack of good storage facilities, products have a short shelf life. The challenge lies in designing a packaging solution that can serve as an example for the students of Kwadaso Agricultural College, emphasizing the benefits of packaging such as extending shelf life, maintaining product quality, and conserving water, nutrients, and pesticides. Additionally, the solution can help create financial security by fostering a sense of creativity and entrepreneurship among farmers and students by providing the opportunity to showcase and make your farm recognizable in a crowded market through packaging.

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