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    Feb 7, 2017

    During the second phase of the project our team members Renate and Joost went to Nepal and explained our concepts to the Nepali farmers using the scale model they build. Together with the farmers they chose our final concept. Besides this they talked with Helvetas, R&D Greenmart and Smart Krishi, Nepalese companies that are also working with farmers and were willing to share their experiences with us.  Meanwhile in the Netherlands Eva, Marloes and Bart have been working on the branding of the company. When we reunited after the Christmas holidays, we started working on the detailing of our concept and the building of prototypes. 

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    Oct 24, 2016

    Right now the research team is in Nepal for 3 weeks. In the beginning we were a bit frightened to cross the streets between all the cars and scooters, we are now crossing faster than the Nepalese themselves. We are getting more and more used to the extraordinary Nepalese culture. 

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    Oct 10, 2016

    After almost 3 days of traveling (via Shanghai and Kunming) we arrived safely Kathmandu.


Hello, we are team GetInvolved!, a team of Industrial Design students from the TU Delft.Together with the company aQysta, a company that produces irrigation pumps for farmers all over the world powered by streaming water in rivers we have started a new project.

In this project we will develop a pump for small farmers in Nepal. These farmers suffer from drought, because their farmlands are located on higher grounds then nearby rivers and streams. Currently existing pumps are too expensive for these farmers and often require fuel. Therefore there is a need for a cheaper, sustainable solution to get the water from the rivers up to their farmlands.

In this project we will visit Nepal, first for research and after the development of the pump we will go there again for validation. 

We will keep you updated!

Team GetInvolved!