FT Kilimanjaro


In Mtakuja, Tanzania, the Dutch NGO FT Kilimanjaro is working on a project called the Mtakuja Development project, that fights for poverty in the community. The organization tries to reach this by working on a structural improvement in health, education, income and infrastructure. However, these developments are each year hindered by overflowing rivers debouching in the Nyumba ya Mungu Reservoir in the area. The water nuisance takes place in Majengo-samanga, Kirungu, Chem Chem ps, Mikocheni and Mikocheni ndogo, where about 8000 people live. The flood is a threat for the crops grown in the communities. But the flood also brings some advantages such as the clay deposit, which serves as a fertile soil for the crops.

The community asks for an integral solution for this water problem during the weeks of flooding. Students from Delft UT are really excited to do research on this problem. All the students, with a background in Civil Engineering, are trying to find a bespoke water system.

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