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Floating Homes in the Philippines will be the solution of the large-scale flood problems that the people in the Philippines face daily. The floating home project aims to build typhoon resilient, affordable homes that provide local communities with a safe and healthy living environment. instead of fighting the water, they will live with and on the water.

In 2015, Ir. Pieter Ham and Ir. Joran van Schaik started this project as part of their master thesis, which resulted in the first draft of a floating home. The multidisciplinary team will work out the details to improve the design into an integral product, which can eventually be built for and by the local people. The team is in the Philippines in Q3 2017-2018 to conduct research, adapt the design and create a construction plan. This design and plan will be used in the summer of 2018, when a pilot of the floating home will be built by local contractors under supervision of Pieter Ham and Joran van Schaik.

The research will be conducted in Macabebe, The Philippines. The themes addressed by the different disciplines are:

  • Construction Management and Engineering:
    • Construction plan for the pilot building(s);
    • Upscaling of the project.
  • Building Engineering:
    • Design of the roof.
  •  Structural Engineering:
    • Structural connections.
  •  Hydraulic Engineering:
    • Hydrodynamic conditions;
    • Motions and loading of the structure;
    • Design of the mooring system.
  • Water Management – Integral Design Management:
    • Sanitary situation, both sanitation and treatment;
    • Rainwater collection;
    • Recovery of resources and water (re-)use.

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