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Hi! We are Joris, Victor and Fabian. In the next three months we will do research to explore the possibities to make upcoming small farmers in the province of Vrijstaat, South-Afrika, more self-regulated. 

The main goals of our research is to reduce the waste materials of farmers and to make farmers more self-regulated on the best sustainable way. We will mainly focus on the knowledge of the use of biogas-installations. We will do research to the use of the residu 'slurry', and the sale of the slurry as a fertilizer. We will furter make a biogas-installation prototype. Many parties will benefit of our project, since electricity and gas are an exspensive and  unreliable provision in many parts of South-Africa. Furthermore, lots of parts of the south-african countrie is infertile, causing an increase in demand for fertilizers.

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