Update team BrickWork

The analysis phase has ended and the synthesis phase (ideation) will be started right now.

This synthesis phase will be based on designing a private water tap for Malagasy people living in rural areas. It is found in the analysis phase that people in rural areas in Madagascar strongly prefer a private tap - a tap which is used by one family/household. This fact will be used as a starting point for the design of the product, as well as for the service. The service design will mainly focus on creating a viable business model which takes the irregular/unstable flow of income of the people living in rural areas into account. 

A start has been made with the electronics to create a prototype (see picture), this will further be developed and tested in the coming weeks. The final concept will be actually tested in Tolongoina, a rural area in Madagascar where BushProof currently already has installed a water network. So, a lot of exciting things are going to happen the coming weeks!

The ideation phase has started this week on the beach of Ile aux Nattes during a private trip (see picture).

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