Update RiziQi 2.0

After the first month thoroughly researching and following different iteration rounds regarding mechanical energy generation with human input (cycling, walking and  other means of moving), Deborah has come to the conclusie that generating energy in this form would be too inefficient (small amount of energy that need human input for a longer time or a bigger and more expensive product that makes the every day exercise even harder) and a heavy strain on the local population. As an entrepreneur she also has posed a question regarding ethical responsibility of working on and providing the local population a human powered energy solution. She wondered if it was ok to just offer this solution “just because this group doesn’t have access to energy”. Therefore she has decided that for now human powered energy isn’t the right solution for this market and that she will focus on converting mechanical energy without human input into electricity. In the coming weeks she is exploring this solution space and will build prototypes. 

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