Update Nosquito project

Below you find an update from the Nosquito project, located in Likoni (Kenia)!  

We have arrived in Likoni and during the two upcoming days the most important phase of our research will take place. We are meeting with ten Community Health Volunteers from MSF Likoni. With them, we perform our planned usability test. During this test we try to find out if the assembly of the mosquito bait, using the designed instruction manual is feasible. We find out that the instruction manual can be improved by using clearer pictures. However, once people manage to assemble the cover they feel a great sense of pride, which helps creating a connection with the product.  On the second day we go in for real field research, visiting around 20 households in the poorer area of Likoni. We are welcomed warmly and receive postive feedback from the community overall. The main conclusion is that people are willing to hang the bait in their house as long as it works well. A decoration of the Kenyan flag or local pattern makes the bait even more wanted.  We finish these days of field research tired, but highly satisfied, as we gained a lot of valuable insights and a beautiful experience overall. 

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