UPDATE I: JDEVS Mushroom Tea

During the past weeks, we decided to break our mission down. We're focussing on not just one, but two awesome subprojects. First up, we investigated the world of sustainable tea bags here in Ghana. We've been conducting a series of interviews with people in Kumasi, learning how they prepare their tea and what they like… We’ve also sent out an online questionnaire to gather even more information on the possibility of bringing eco-friendly and sustainable tea bags to the market in Ghana. So far, it looks like the sustainable ‘metal tea egg’ is winning the race. 

Secondly, we started with the design of an indirect solar dryer for the oyster mushrooms. As inspiration, we visited Joy - a chili pepper enthusiast who's rocking a solar-powered dryer-. We've teamed up with a talented TU Delft Master Group here in Ghana who are giving Joy's innovative dryer a boost. They shared all their findings and struggles, as we did with them. Tomorrow we will collect all the required materials together with Daniel, the carpenter at KAC. Coming weeks we will build the dryer and we can hopefully produce the first batch of sun-dried mushroom tea!

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