Update Greenport Marowijne

Last week we have started building our greenhouse! After a woodsupplier did not meet the agreements made, we have found a new woodsupplier that was able to deliver the needed wood. As of now, the wooden structure of the greenhouse is finished. The students of the Barronschool who study construction have helped us with the build. It was a productive, fun, and instructive day. Already around 20 students and other people have been involved in building the greenhouse and have helped us with sawing, hammering and shared thoughts about the design. Involving the local population is going well!

Current greenhouses in the area of Moengo that are of comparable size cost around 7000SRD which is around 1750euro. So far, our greenhouse is going to cost around 750euro. Meanwhile, we are working on a manual for building the greenhouse and coming tuesday a presentation will be held in Paramaribo by Greenport Marowijne for all involved parties. Here we want to share our vision of a Marowijne where efficient agriculture is conducted by means of greenhouses.

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