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In New Abirem in Ghana, Team Ghana will build a facility for teachers to teach young people from the region as an alternative to regular school education. The young people at this school are so-called “drop-outs” who, due to various circumstances, are no longer able to use the regular Ghanaian school system. The education center, built from locally available building materials, will serve as an example for future construction projects.

Team Ghana is a project group of 17 students from Delft, all from the D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes, that are committed to realise the development, financing and construction of the ATC. The preparations have been running since May 2011, the development from February 2012 and the realization will start from November 2012. The ATC should be completed by the end of January 2013.

What makes the ATC special is the way of building and the use of building materials. Team Ghana will build with only manpower and small machines such as drills, hand tools, concrete mixers. This means that no excavators will be used throughout the wole building proces. Ass many local products that are as easy to process, such as bamboo, clay, wood will be used instead of plastics, metals and concrete.

S4S will sponsor the tropical roof of the ATC. The tropical roof is a second roof above the ATC construction, which is constructed from as many natural materials as possible. This roof will provide a more pleasant indoor climate in which to study better.

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