Team Ghana | a hectic period

Just over a week and then Team Ghana will return to the cold Netherlands. Unfortunately, a major catch-up that was planned was not made. The two buildings that had to be completed will now be partially completed, in such a way that they can be used and the locals can continue with them.

Both an incorrect estimate and the failure of the local population to show up for construction have caused delays. Some days there was zero help from Ghanaians.

After consultation with the local population and clients, it was decided to complete both buildings as functionally as possible. At the moment the roofs have to be put on and the floors, windows and doors still have to be put in. If there is still time left, the second building will also be painted.

With this news item is the previous state of the two buildings and the next update will include new photos to show the result! Until then, Team Ghana can be followed further at:

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