REGEN - Update III

REGEN project is led by a group of students studying in the InnoEnergy Master program.
Since it is an academic-year project and it’s almost the end of the semester, we had a final
presentation within our master’s program earlier this month.

During this presentation, we presented the outcome of the REGEN project to our academic
supervisors and all fellow students. Starting from problem identification, proposed solutions,
work plans, the results of the project, and finally the future works. From the technical
perspective, we completed the design of the greenhouse system (including biodigester and
fog catcher) and we are preparing the maintenance manual for our beneficiary – Himalaya
Education Center in Khandbari, Nepal. From the training activity perspective, we have
produced several videos tailored for the students in HEC to learn about business-related
topics, smart agriculture, and the basic understanding of the greenhouse system. During the
presentation, we had some good discussions and received insightful feedback. Wrapping up
this project within the master’s program, we are all happy to learn how to implement what we
have learned from books to real practice. We also appreciate the opportunity to work with a
group of like-minded yet diverse-capability people, we would also like to acknowledge all the
experts who shared their precious experiences with us, and our sponsors S4S and EIT

Although the academic year is approaching its end, the REGEN project will still be carried on
by some of the students. Although constantly hindered by the Covid situation, our NGO
partner has confirmed with us that the construction phase will start in November 2021.
Therefore, we will keep running the project until the greenhouse system is built on site. In the
meanwhile, we will get the maintenance manual ready and communicate with our local
partners about the preparation for the construction activities. We are all expecting the
construction to begin and hope it can benefit HEC!

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