Progress Greenhouse JOOUST

Cultivating tomatoes

The last update is almost a month ago and since then a lot has happened. The seeds for the tomato plants have germinated and after around two weeks we were able to transplant the seedlings. In the weeks after the transplant the plants have grown a lot and we hope to take back our own tomatoes to Holland in two weeks.

Finishing the water system

Because we wanted to use the rainwater from the roof of the greenhouse to water the crops inside the greenhouse we had ordered a greenhouse with gutters. The water that is collected in the gutters is stored in 3 tanks of 5.000 litres each until it’s used to water the plants.

To ensure that the water in the tanks is as clean as possible we wanted to install a first flush system between the gutters and the tanks. The technician in charge had never heard of this system but he was very eager to learn about it. After a week of studying he understood the system and he could install it. After this was all connected the construction of the greenhouse was finally finished!


The last months we’ve mainly been busy with developing the content of the course. We started with collecting all the information through books and the internet but after a week we got help from the agriculture students at the JOOUST. They already knew most of the information which made our work really easy.

Open house

Today we held an open house at the greenhouse, this was the kick-off for our course and all the participants and other interested people were present. We were able to tell about the content of the course and show the greenhouses to everyone interested. Afterwards we got many positive reactions and already we’ve almost reached the maximum number of participants!

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