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With the aim of starting the construction phase of our graduation project in March 2016, we do not stop working and the project becomes more detailed and realistic every day.

Regarding the design, we developed a pilot roofscape design that can be applied in the whole Lake Victoria Region and represents the generic part of the design while the spatial program gives each pavilion another individual character. By using the construction principle of a reciprocal roof from local bamboo, we create a pavilion with a roof surface that collects water and sun and provides naturally ventilated spaces, while protecting the people underneath from the bright sun and heavy rains.

The first project - the community center in Okana - consists of five pavilions accommodating different functions and is surrounded by agricultural land, which will be used to generate income in order to pay the staff and maintain the building.

Next to the design, we focus on the planning of the construction phase(s), promotion and funds needed to start building next year. We made a movie that explains what the project is about, our goals, the reasons behind and the first design steps we took. The latest news and progress for the graduation itself, can be seen on our website.

We are looking for volunteers that want to join and help us building a prototype pavilion scale 1:2 between 7 and 16 December 2015. Moreover, we need motivated people to join us on the construction site in Kenya to help us building the community center! (www.pavilions-for-okana.org/#!blog/csf4)

Have you always wanted to be part of a practical project and are you ready for a unique experience in a new context, in which you work together with students and local people?

The project will be build between March and May 2016 in Okana, a small village near Kisumu in western Kenya. If you are interested in getting involved in the project and if you are available during this period, feel free to contact us for more details. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Email: info@pavilions-for-okana.org.

Website: http://www.pavilions-for-okana.org

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