Muima | Testing the mold & new challenges in the project

During the last few weeks we have not been idle in Kenya. The mold was ordered after the necessary adjustments and as soon as it was finished, we immediately started testing. Right now the mould is ready for use in the factory and we are very proud of this! 

However, a side-effect of the mold was that he turned out to be very heavy, but we have made a solution. A self-designed Pulley System as result. This makes it possible to lift and use the mold in a controlled manner and without burdening the employees. This Pulley System will be completed this week by a local engineer and placed into the factory. Once this is done, the production of the largest components of the Lampshade can begin! 

Furthermore, we spent recent weeks on self-designing and creating a mold for the fitting! Quite a challenge, but so far also with success as a result. About the new machine we managed to get the necessary parts together, such as a scale, a thermometer and oven gloves. Now we can finally start testing the oven with all the necessary precision. A good prospect!

In the last few weeks we also enjoyed a nice holiday! We have seen the Big Five in the Masai Mara and enjoyed the beautiful white beaches that Kenya has to offer. This allows us to work again with good courage to finish our project successfully in the next three weeks.

Happy New Year! / Furaha mpya mwaka!

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