Muima | A successful project!

The main part of our new product is finally finished because the mould made perfectly produced pieces! The employees could start making many differently coloured pieces with the installed pulley system, which we made to reduce the effort of lifting the heavy moulds. From this moment we started focusing on the fitting again.

We made several adjustments on this particular mould and we continued welding and grinding. After many try outs we finally completely succeeded with this mould. This was a great relief. From this point we saw big progress, because the first prototype was ready!

Next to our new product, we were also busy with testing our new compression machine. Together with Mama Natasha, the wife of our supervisor, we optimized the process and we made instructions for the employees. In this way, everyone in the factory is able to use this machine. After an extra week of optimizing the process more and more with the employees, we made some good flat plates that we will take with us to the Netherlands.

Next to our project, we did a lot of things with the local community last week. Together with Wilson and the employees, we visited the local football club. We gave them a new football to play with and played a game with them. This was a really nice experience! Wilson really wants to contribute in making these young boys better and better. Because of this, Muima and Muima Industries will help them with finding the correct equipment and register them as FC Muima to play in an official, local competition.

Furthermore, we visited the first grade of a new, local school, which had just opened and only had one class yet. Our host, the bishop of the local Kenyan Anglican Church, told us that because they are a new school, they do not have notebooks and pencils yet. That is why we bought a notebook and pencil for each student. We also taught them some words and sentences in English, like how to introduce themselves. This was also a very special experience for us.

In short, this was a busy but very nice couple of weeks. We really enjoyed finishing our project exactly the way we wanted and we are very happy with the results! Thank you Students4Sustainability!

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