Muima 17/18 | First week

When the employees saw the design they were really excited to create a new kind of product and loved the design of the clock. Unfortunately because of the elections the factory hasn't been producing what they are aiming for. Luckily this all cooled down and business is growing again to where it used to be. 

On monday Wilson picked us up at the airport and we travelled together by means of matatu´s (small busses) as well as boda boda's (motorcycles) to the town of Mumias where the factory is located. On tuesday we spent a whole day at the factory where we met the employees and had time to better understand the whole waste to truck process. We made our hands dirty by assembling the trucks, injecting the moulds and realised that it is much harder work than it looks like. What we also noticed is that more toxic gasses come free than we first thought, this issue will be tackled  The daily black outs make it hard to produce a constant amount of trucks and require constant adaptations. Today, friday the 10th of november, we are meeting 'the mechanic' who will most probably make the mould for the clock. He has a good technical background and access to high quality machines. We are convinced that the mould will turn out great since we saw some moulds that he made in the past.


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