Muima 17/18 | Final update

We are back in the cold and rainy Delft after three exciting months in Kenya, living the full experience. We are happy and proud to say that the project has been a great success.

After a lot of ups and downs with the production of the mould, we finally received the mould one week before departure. It was the first time our partner at the technical institute made a mould this complicated and he did great!

Since we received the mould during our last week on site we only had one week to test, adapt and improve it. There were some imperfections that had to be corrected by hand which we did. Unfortunately the pressure Wilson has in his machines was not enough to get a completely smooth surface but it filled completely which we were afraid of. On the other hand it now looks handcrafted and actually goes along well with the Muima story.

Muima NL is really happy as well with the end result and the clock will soon be available on the website as well as multiple shops.

The new factory has been finished in time! In about 2 months we managed to build a whole new factory, which we did not expect to manage in such a short time. The last weeks of building have been about roofing, doors, windows and electricity installation to make it ready for production. On our last day the machines were installed inside and from the day we left everything is being produced and assembled in the new facility. Wilson is very satisfied with the natural and electrical ventilation system; it keeps the building cool and free of fumes. We hope that the business will grow and that more people will be employed in the future and contribute to the solution to the plastic waste issue.

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