Muima 17/18 | Fast progress

Production in the factory is getting higher and higher as things calm down in the country. The sales of the cars are high and it looks like the demand will increase in the following weeks.

During the last weeks, we’ve been working more on the design of the clock. The design is finished and The Mechanic, as he is called here in Mumias, is working on the production of the mould. When he has finished we will pick up the mould in Nairobi and take it to an engraver to get ‘Muima’ written in the clock. The factory is now being prepared for the clock, so that it can be produced as soon as the mould is ready.

The preparations for the new workplace have started as well. We made some drawings and presented them to Wilson. Together with him we made it into a definitive plan. We visited shops and dealers to find out about the prices of building supplies and we spoke with a ‘fundie’ who will do a lot of the construction work.

In the next two weeks we will buy the supplies for the building and we hope to start producing the clock and building the workplace.    

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