LUMEN | Welcome to Tanzania!

Lumen arrived in Moshi, Tanzania. A place with beautiful surroundings, Kilimanjaro view during breakfast, sandy roads and very relaxed people! Pole pole (take it easy) and hakuna matata (no problem) explain the African’ spirit well.

Travel Plan
We will spend a total of 11 weeks in Tanzania, starting in Moshi. This week we met Andreas and Myles from Sagar Energy Solutions, the social enterprise we are working with. Great guys! After a week of literature study, mapping the journey of the fisherman and setting up test plans, we got an idea of the context. Tomorrow we will be heading off to Mwanza, the city close to the lake. Daniël will fly in from the Netherlands and joins the team. From there, we will depart together to the islands to meet the fishermen and go fishing with them at night. After two or three weeks of observing, interviewing and co-creating with the fishermen, boat owners, etc. we return to Mwanza. The final four to five weeks we will use to finalize and evaluate our prototype!

We will keep you posted!

Ba dae!

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