Hydropepump Sierra Leone - Retrospect

Hello everyone,

It has been two weeks since our last update and we are proud to announce that three
ropepumps are up and running in Sierra Leone. Last time, we mentioned that we had plans
to add two more pumps to our project, but this time we wanted to make them solely from
local materials together with Gabriel Joe, a SEP employee. This way they can independently
build, install and maintain the pumps in the future. SEP has received much interest for the
pump from the community in Freetown and they see a business opportunity around this
design. The production and installation processes went smoothly so two fully functioning
pumps are installed now in the villages of Macdonald and Rokel, a third pump has been put
in concrete and is ready to be finished as soon as the welldiggers have reached the final
depth of the well.
This simple pump design makes it possible to provide poor and rural areas with clean water
in an affordable and sustainable way. The pumps can be produced from materials that are
generally available in most countries. These pumps in Sierra Leone are a proof of concept of
this design and we hope that more pumps will be installed in the future in Sierra Leone and
other parts of the world.
We want to thank Students4Sustainability and anyone that supported our project. For
questions you can reach us by sending an e-mail to: students@sep-sl.org .

Rolf, Laurens and Tetsuo

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