Greenhouse production | Week 3 & 4

In the previous two weeks we have made a lot of progress. First of all we redesigned the model of the wooden greenhouse taken all the mistakes we discovered into account. However it appears not to be as stable as we had thought. A second redesign was made. This is the final model and from here we are creating a building manual.

Besides the technical aspects, the entrepreneurial part has make progress as well. The first entrepreneur is known and together with him we will search for the second entrepreneur. The first step of the business plan is already there and in the coming two weeks we will finish it.  On the agricultural area a start is made as well. A manual about “How to farm in a tropical country” is made. If a farmer buys a greenhouse he can start directly with growing crops in the right way and gets good results. In short, there are a lot of new developments and in the coming two weeks we are trying to finish the business model.

Aboeng, Paul, Anne en Valerie

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