GoGargo | First weeks

We are now for two and a half week in Africa. The first to days we went with the bus from Kisumu to Jinja, Uganda.

In Jimja, we searched for stakeholders (People we can interview for our project. We furthermore made our research plan, so all survey are all worked out and a action plan has been made. We also traveled to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In Kampala, we went searching for bike parts for our prototype. We spend the most time in the elaboration of the three concept prototypes. Last Wednesday, we traveled back to Kisumu. Over there, We discussed the concept prototypes with our tutor. We agreed to start with the two best prototypes for now. Next week, we will start our market research. We will do this on streets, at markets and we made some appointments at different farmer communities. We will purchase the different part necessary for our bikes the upcoming week so we can start constructing our prototypes. We will keep you updated! 

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