GoCargo! | Final update

This is unfortunately the last update from the GO Cargo! project. We are back in the Netherlands with his rain, snow and cold. The last couple weeks were very intens with the finalisation of our project. We had to finish the second prototype and within the same week organise the whole awareness event. Luckily we got a lot of help from our supervisor Adrien and welder Fred for the building the prototype. In that way we could focus more on the event. Keep up the communication with the bands, vendors and helpers and promoting trough the city.

During the event flyers with information about the cargo bicycle concept, monthly instalments and information on the purchase of the bicycle were handed out. Other than the cargo bicycle project, the event was a perfect opportunity to work on the branding of CooP-Kenya. They had their own information corner with an informational banner and flyers about the several discount programs and a "meet-the- team" poster. Local food and drink vendors from the neighbourhood were invited to sell their products on the event. Two local artists were booked to perform and play some African Jazz. To complete the family fun day we organised a kids corner. The children could play football here, draw bicycles and try the famous Dutch game of ‘koekhappen’.

On the day of the event, the doors opened at 13:00. Although a little hesitant to enter at first people were drawn to the event by the music and the sight of the two cargo bicycles. Visitors were very eager to try the bicycles and the bicycles were used every second of the event.The final design proved to be most popular, which proves that the modifications were a success. Even the children rode the bicycle, which shows that even without any practice anyone can ride the new Mbuni. One local inhabitant was so enthusiastic that he decided to take the bicycle for a long round around town. After some time we realised that the Mbuni had disappeared, but luckily we were able to reach him and ask for its return. The bicycle arrived back in a Tuc-Tuc because the man was afraid he broke the steering mechanism. Luckily Adrien was able to fix this minor problem and the bicycle rode the entire afternoon.

An estimated 100 people present all the time and almost all the flyers were given away. Even our market research participants showed up to inform about the bicycle. To meet the demands, we made an interest list were people who were really interested could leave their phone number and email addresses. Moreover the flyers contained the phone number of the coordinator of the CooP-Kenya, Adrien. The event was a big success and the Mbuni has definitely made an entrance in Kisumu.

We have left CooP-Kenya with two improved prototypes, a design proposal with technical drawings, a welder that now know how to read those technical drawings and a business model to implement the bicycle in society. Coop-Kenya can now sell the two prototypes to those who are interested. This will give the cargo bicycle more awareness since it will be cycling through Kisumu. When there is more demand the cargo bicycle can be ordered and build within two weeks. With the money left we are going to invest in a jig, so the bicycle can be made in a more automatic production.

I hope you enjoyed the story about our project, if you still have questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us; students4coop@gmail.com.


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