Go Gargo! | Join us awareness event!

“Why are you riding two bicycles at the same time?”

This is one of the many questions we have received and answered since we finished the first prototype. In the mean time we have transformed into experts when it comes to building a cargo bicycle and the prototype has been thoroughly tested. All of Kisumu was upside down. Because what is that crazy thing with a loading platform in the front? And how do you steer this kind of special bicycle?

Not only did we drive the bicycle through the streets of Kisumu ourselves, but the bicycle has also been testen by a self help group. Members of this self help group cooperate to make financial progress and help each other when it comes to transporting goods. A perfect fit for our cargo bike! The prototype could even manage the narrow dirt roads while carrying 5 jerrycans full of water. These testing days really helped us to gain new insights and feedback for the second design. The second design is in the workshop at the moment and we will hopefully finish before the event this Saturday!

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic feedback from the inhabitants of Kisumu. Everyone wants to try the new cargo bicycle and multiple entrepreneurs have already stopped by the workshop to inform about the price. We are organizing a big awareness event on the 27th of January to officially launch the new bike. It will be a day filled with fun bike related activities, live music and people can obviously try the bike out themselves! We are currently working hard to prepare the event. Nadiye even made her radio debut last week to promote the event and our banners and posters can be spotted everywhere in Kisumu. The event will also mark the ending of a fantastic time in Kisumu and with CooP Kenya. Before Christmas we already had an amazing time during the staff fun day at the lake Victoria and we are sure that we will have a blast his Saturday as well!!

Next week we will talk about the event, our last week in Kisumu and our plans to ensure the
continuation of the project after we leave.

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