GetInvolved | Update 1

After almost 3 days of traveling (via Shanghai and Kunming) we arrived safely Kathmandu.

During the drive from the airport to our apartment we already gained a lot of impressions. We saw monkeys, a lot of dogs, honking cars, scooters, everything! There are traffic rules, but we think these are merely interpreted as guidelines, you have to just go with the flow! You can compare it to a wild river. In this river there are flexible fishes (the scooters) and big tree trunks (cars and busses), the small fishes can move easily from left to right, but the tree trunks, they just keep on driving. Crossing the road is risky business.

Food is not that expansive, there is an app Foodmandu (similar to where we can easily order our dinner! We also have our own kitchen, so we can also prepare food ourselves. Next week we plan to go to the office of aQysta in Nepal, to get the field research started!

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