Flood Prevention - Update III

It has been a while since we put up the cameras and meanwhile we have obtained some data. Unfortunately, we had quite a few setbacks with the set-up, so only 3 major precipitation events have been filmed. For our final result, it would have been better to have measured more events, because, as explained earlier, we are going to use this obtained data to make a model. With this model, we are able to predict the effect of gabion dams. For modelling, we used HEC-RAS, "Hydrologic Engineering Center's River Analysis System". After a long calibration time we managed to make a realistic model. We were able to show that gabion dams do have an attenuating effect on flash floods. We also determined the number of gabion dams and the best locations in the Mahiga river basin. We are very satisfied with the obtained result and would like to thank S4S, thanks to their grant we were able to buy and leave the measuring equipment, so that after our departure, the research can be continued by the WRC and new Water-Management students from TU Delft!

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