Flood Prevention - Update II

The cameras are a very important aspect of the research project. By using an open source program made by Rainbowsensing called OpenRiverCam, the cameras are going to monitor the river discharges. We had to find strategic locations for the cameras, because it has to focus on a streamflow with a constant cross-section and with no disturbances. Additionally there are a lot of different practical aspects for the program to work. An accurate bathymetry of the river is necessary using a total station (see picture!). Also the camera needs to monitor the whole cross-section of the river. This was achieved by building a rod extension for the camera. After a lot of trial and error the cameras were placed on the most suitable location. We got a lot of attention when installing the cameras which resulted in some nice interaction with the local community! The cameras already recorded some nice videos from different rainfall events, but not yet a flash flood, which will be important for our data collection.

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