Flood Prevention - Update I

The first part is to go on a recognition and exploration of the catchments. Talking with local people is an important aspect to understand how the water flows and floods. We have to find a strategic location for the tipping buckets and the cameras. An essential aspect for the location are the authorisations and safety of the equipment. It is always required to have a written authorisation of the leader of the barangay (a barangay means "an inner-city neighborhood") before placing the tipping bucket or the camera in the area. The leader will then inform the local community and this will greatly reduce the probability of vandalism. Getting these authorisations always takes some time. The tipping buckets have to be installed in an area without any obstructions of trees, houses, etc. because the rain can almost fall horizontally, due to wind. A tipping bucket has been installed on the roof of a house, another on a water tank and the last one on a fence in an open field. The installation, once the permission was obtained, went quite easily, because of the nice collaboration with the Water Research Center. We are now busy with installing the cameras which is going to be way more challenging!

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