Energy for Refugees | Good progress

The two weeks on Lesvos went by very fast! We have been busy finding a suitable place for our PV-system. And we found it! The system will be installed on the roof of the school in Kara Tepe, a refugee camp with 1500 residents of which many of them are children. Before, the school was connected to the grid, but suffered from a lot of power cuts and they had to skip classes.

With our system they will have electricity for airconditioner, lights and laptops.

We have receives positive feedback of the system and some residents of the camp are helping us with the installation. One man of 23 years old, from Iraq, helped us with all the weldig for the mounting.

All the panels are lying on the roof and now we have to do the connections and finish tomorrow. 26 July, we fly all back to our home countrys after (hopefully) finishing this project successfully. It has been a great project in a situation that is hard to understand. We hope we can leave this place after making it a little bit better.

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