Design4Africa | The next step

Step further in the bamboo bicycle project.

Design4Africa has come one step closer to their ultimate goal. During their visit to Ghana in recent months, they have investigated what they can do for the inhabitants of the Ghanaian countryside. In collaboration with the Ghana Bamboo Bike Iniative (GBBI), they conducted a market research and designed three concepts.

The team has chosen not to make a complete bamboo bicycle, as it is too expensive for the locals. These people now mainly use bicycles from China, the only problem is that these bicycles are of poor quality and cannot carry much weight. Design4Africa is going to develop a coupling piece for this Chinese bicycle, a kind of extension of the luggage carrier that moves the rear wheel backwards. This considerably increases the bicycle's capacity to transport goods.

In addition, the team will also develop the business plan and write a plan for how the local network of bicycle repair shops can be used for the distribution of their product. In this way they can also reach the people in remote villages.

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