DagUp - update Iii

Hi everyone,

The project is progressively improving by performing the design iterations! These weeks we’vebeen working hard on building prototypes to test the usability of the design, and received a few nice feedbacks from the users. To be sustainable, we built the prototype with reduced material, furthermore the materials are recyclable and will be reused by our partners in the future. Some of the materials are even second-hand products. It was not that easy to find participants in this strange time. But luckily the tasks require little skill and it allows everyone to perform without professional knowledge. Facing the lack of actual users’ attendance, we recruited people that have the same height as the target users for user testing. It has some limitation as the habits of working and acts are different, but for basic usability, we still got quite some helpful feedbacks. For the simulation of forced ventilation, we also have some great results. By visiting greenhouse and ventilation experts and performing ideation, we made some changes in our design and successfully increased the airflow coverage by 70% and the average speed by 40%. And soon we’ll start building prototype for validation. Can’t wait to see the work in real life! Alright, that’s all for this update! Thank you for reading our updates. We wish you a healthy and happy summer!

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