DagUp - Update II

Hi everyone, good to see you again!
After the evaluation with the stakeholders, we decided to stay with the greenhouse design. And
since then, we’ve been working hard on intensive design iterations. In order to carry out this gigantic
design efficiently, we are developing it components by components. This way of working makes each
design iteration more agile and flexible. It allows us to adjust the components freely without having to
change other interrelated components at the same time, which also help save some unnecessary
material uses. In addition to physical prototyping, due to the massive volume of the design (4mx4mx12m),
we also adopted digital methods, e.g. flow simulation, to optimize the airflow and heating condition in the
greenhouse. This not only allows us to adjust the design rapidly but also save a huge amount of physical
works and materials.
The difficulty caused by the given circumstance due to the pandemic makes the project even
more challenging, but shifting our focus towards functionality has brought us some unexpected benefits.
For example, some adoptions, e.g. flow simulation, surprisingly made our project even more sustainable
by saving materials.
The flowing months we will be working on prototyping and testing to optimize the stability,
usability, functionality and sustainability of the design. That’s all for our second update. Thank you for
your support, see you next time!

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