Unifix Care - researching surgical instruments quality

Hi everyone!

My name is Merel, I am a 24 year old MSc student BioMechanical Design in Delft. For my second year masters project I am currently following an internship at Unifix Care, a start-up in Delft that aims to make quality healthcare accessible to more people in East Africa. In my research, I determine what 'quality' means in the Kenyan and Ugandese context. For Unifix Care to successfully deliver quality instruments, they must fully understand what doctors in Africa value the most in using an instrument. The needs from a doctor in the Netherlands may differ from one in Kenya. My research will focus on determining these crucial factors that make an instrument high quality in the eyes of a Kenyan surgeon. In the end, the goal is to set up a to Kenya/Uganda tailored testing method with which the quality of an instrument can be assessed independently by the hospitals. In this way, Unifix Care will ensure no bad quality instruments will ever circulate the African market again.


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