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  • Muima

    Muima | A successful project!

    Jan 31, 2019

    The main part of our new product is finally finished because the mould made perfectly produced pieces! The employees could start making many differently coloured pieces with the installed pulley system, which we made to reduce the effort of lifting the heavy moulds. From this moment we started focusing on the fitting again.

  • Muima

    Muima | Testing the mold & new challenges in the project

    Jan 15, 2019

    During the last few weeks we have not been idle in Kenya. The mold was ordered after the necessary adjustments and as soon as it was finished, we immediately started testing. Right now the mould is ready for use in the factory and we are very proud of this! 

  • Muima

    Muima | Making good progress

    Nov 30, 2018

    The second week in Kenya we worked hard to finish our Solidworks-model. On Sunday we showed Wilson and Mukanda our model and we improved the model to everyone’s wishes. After this appointment, Mukanda started with the design for the mould.


For the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development, we (Coco Polderman, Line Hietink en Christine van Diemen) are going to Kenya. In Kenya we will help developing a new product for Muima Industries.

Muima Industries is a little factory in Kenya which is set up by Wilson Mzungu ten years ago. Wilson is an entrepreneur who let Muima Industries grow until a sustainable business with 12 employees.

In this company they are committed to the big plastic problem in Kenya. Litter  will be collected from the streets and from the founded plastic, new products will be made by molding techniques in the factory of Wilson. In this way, the plastic problem will be tackled just like the unemployment in Kenya, because there will be more jobs available. For example, the homeless people collect the litter from the streets. Through this they have a social contribution and get a amount of money on a daily base. 

The product made in the factory  will be sold for a large part on the Kenyan market, but since a few years they are also offered for sale in Europe via the web shop and shops.

During our stay in Kenya,  we will be the representatives for Muima.  Our main goal is to produce a new product, which could enlarge our target group in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. We have decided that the new product will be a lampshade, because this is completely in line with the company’s current target market. Besides developing a new product we are very enthusiastic about a new technique of processing plastic which we are willing to adapt in the factory.

Through  this new technique it is possible to create plane plates, which could serve as components of thousands of other products.


Thanks to Students4Sustainability, our goals can be realized and we can help Wilson to promote sustainability in Kenya.

Siku Nzuri!