Tewaii Water Research - Update I

Post Curaçao || Tewaii Laman 

In Curaçao, we have spent the last months looking for old wells to measure their water quality. Eventhough we have optimistically navigated through our well-obstacles, we have to admit that finding, or even accessing older wells, has presented itself as quite the challenge! 

Overgrown wells 
Some wells and their roads have been touched by time, and are now overgrown by thorned bush and cactuses. Eventhough we struggled with the thorns at the start, we now swift through cactus forests like ballerinas on a mission. For real thick bush, we are the proud owners of hefty hedgecutters. 

Surprise wells
Each well is different. At the beginning you could find us startled when the well had a completely different shape and size than what we had prepared for. After several visits to our favourite building depot, we are startled no longer: small wells, large wells, high wells, low wells, dog wells, iguana wells: you name it, we sample it. 

Private wells 
Some wells are located on private property or irrigation land. This means we get greeted by walls of dogs each time we pull up. Through the woofs, we have to try and find the owner. Our dog communication skills have definitely been put to the test. "Good boy!" 

Permission slips 
Some wells are located on exclusive terrain, which means we need permission slips to enter. Think of abandoned mining regions, zoos and golf resorts. What started as a few emails, has now grown out to a small call center for well appointments. Especially after people started to notify their neighbors and siblings that we were looking for wells to measure. 

Rrrrrring rrring
"Bon dia, Team Tewaii speaking. Oh, you have a well? Great! If we love coffee? We most certainly do! 

And off we go in our little red car (which has already lost a number plate), on our way towards more well-adventures ????????

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