Muima | Making good progress

The second week in Kenya we worked hard to finish our Solidworks-model. On Sunday we showed Wilson and Mukanda our model and we improved the model to everyone’s wishes. After this appointment, Mukanda started with the design for the mould.

During the begin of third week we had to wait for Mukanda to finish the design for the mould. Because of this, we had time to start with the design of the new machine. That is why we went to the factory in Mumias, to discuss all the possibilities with Wilson and to consult him about which method he liked the most. After he gave us his advice, we went to the local markets to see which products are available here and what the prices are. We are very excited to buy these parts and build the new machine in the factory! Since we are confident about our current idea. 

After  Mukanda finished his design of the mould on Thursday, we had an appointment with Wilson and Mukanda in Kakamega. Mukanda showed us his design of the mould and we have discussed the  possibilities for the connections between the parts. There were some calculations that had to be changed in his model and because of this we will meet Mukanda again in Mumias next week. After that, we can finally let the machines start building the mould!! 

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