Hydropepump Sierra Leone- Update I

Dear readers,

The crowdfunding campaign is finished and we are pleased to announce that we have reached our target goal for the project. We want to thank Students4Sustainability for their support and help. 

In the last few weeks, some processes have been put in motion. On the 7th of December, a local contractor and his team started with the construction of the water well in Macdonald. They reached the groundwater level two weeks ago and the well is expected to be finished in the first week of January. Meanwhile, we built the rope pump together with Werkgroep Ontwikkelingstechnieken which was a very educational and interesting experience. The pump is ready to be shipped in parts and installed in Sierra Leone. 

Our plan is to build a second pump with local engineers by using the first pump as an example. This second pump will be installed in a small village called Makonkari and will be made completely from locally resourced materials. 

We look forward to going to Sierra Leone and sharing our knowledge with the locals so they can continue the project and build more rope pumps in the future.

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